If you are struggling to keep your students engaged in class, then you are not alone. Most teachers would agree that holding students’ attention is the most challenging aspect of teaching.

Therefore, teachers are often required to make adjustments in classroom to stimulate students’ interest.

Below are some effective strategies you can use to inspire and engage your students:

Encourage active learning

First off, promote active learning in class. Active learning improves a student’s ability to comprehend and retain information, while improving their communication skills as well.

Make your students speak and participate in class. Give a chance to each student to think and speak critically. Hold class or group discussions regularly.

Give students choice

Giving choice to students engages and empowers them. The easiest way you can do this is by dividing the class up in pairs or groups. Not only will this lead to better class discussion, it will also foster a positive learning environment.

Establish connections

If you want your students to take an interest in any material, make sure that it speaks to them. Focusing on real-life experiences is a great way to ensure the material resonates with students.

Speak about the things they know and care about. This may include sports, pop culture, television shows, music, movies, classroom robotics and such.

Do not forget to use current tools, such as memes or GIFs during lectures or presentations to break the monotony and engage students.

Talk to other teachers

Share your experiences with other teachers. Ask them for advice and assistance on how to increase students’ interest in class. Use their valuable feedback and experiences to avoid making mistakes that they made.

Keep in mind, education is about constantly learning and not teaching. Speaking to others in your field can help you progress.

Use state-of-the-art technology

There is more to schools than just attendance, homework, exams and grades. Improving a student’s critical and analytical skills is a core objective of teaching.

As a teacher, you should help your students become innovators, problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow.

Technology plays an integral role in redefining the conventional education system. It is crucial for innovation and growth in a rapidly-changing world.

Incorporating robotics education in School holiday classes can enable students to make substantial changes in the 21st century. Coupled with improving children’s analytical and technical abilities, robotics education delivers a truly engaging, innovative technology-driven learning experience.

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