Are you struggling to find the right robotics education center for your children? You have come to the right place.

Aerobotics Global is a robotics education and School holiday program Melbourne, Australia. With the aim of becoming the leading education provider and innovators in science and technology, Aerobotics Global is making waves in robotics education in the country.

The company desires to achieve perfection in the robotics industry by sharing their extensive knowledge and skills on robotics with others.

They offer the highest quality robotics education to their clients, which include children and teachers. Here is why you should enrol your child at Aerobotics Global:

Robotics and coding courses for everyone

Aerobotics Global provides an extensive range of robotics education programs for children of all ages, including first graders.

Regardless of the course you choose for your child, each program delivers a practical, thorough, advanced learning experience.

They offer an array of services include workshops, summer courses, programming and coding courses, BiPED, teachers’ training program and after school stem programs, as well as robotics labs setups, website development, Pcb designs and educational robotics kits.

The after-school program offered by Aerobotics Global is suitable for children in grade 1 to grade 5 as well as grade 5 onwards. These programs include the Junior Robotics, Junior Programmers and Foundation of Robotics courses

The Junior Robotics and Junior Programmers are designed for grade 1-grade 5 children, while Foundation of Robotics for grade 5 onwards.

The Junior Robotics Program is an introductory course on robotics where children learn basic robotics concepts and skills to build their own robots. The Junior Programmers introduces children to real time projects and programming languages, including Python, JavaScript and Basic. It focuses on robotics application development. On the other hand, the Foundation of Robotics Course focuses on elementary robotics knowledge.

All these programs help improve a child’s creative, analytical, confidence and problem solving skills.

Knowledgeable, friendly trainers who make robotics education exciting

Aerobotics Global has hired qualified, certified and trained robotics teachers. Before hiring, they must go through an intensive testing and interview process. This makes sure that the company only the best in the robotics industry. Most importantly, they use a personalized teaching approach to engage students better.

Real-world learning through use of modern tools and techniques

The trainers at Aerobotics Global use cutting-edge, practical technology, techniques and tools, including real robots to help children learn robotics and coding. Children gain first-hand experience working with real robots.

Last, but not the least, Aerobotics Global’s learning resources and educational activities are based on STEM concepts and are aligned to Victorian Curriculum. Get in touch with them now to learn more about their robotics education and training solutions.

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