In the world of today where constant up-skilling is key to thriving it’s important for us to prepare our kids for their future growth. Which means teaching robotics to your young kids throughout their schooling can increase their ability of creativity and innovation. Many parents are not sure whether they should introduce their children with the technology at an early age but they should take it in a positive way as it can help their kids to become innovative and advance. Teaching kids the basics of robotics and coding can open a whole new world to them and exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to, but before that let’s understand what is robotics.

ABG not only introduce your kids to robotics but also clear their basic concepts of  STEM, make them learn coding so that to control the movement of the robots and helps them enhance their analytical skills with the latest technologies.  The main aim of aerobotics global is to envision the potential of kids and bring it on the right platform.

Robotics & Coding Program for my child

Why should kids learn robotics?  

To introduce them with their hidden talent and creativity: Robotics allow kids to understand how robotics work through which they can create new idea. At this stage of life they can come up with new designs and idea, which they can implement in the future.

Awareness about technologies and concepts: Since STEM is a composition of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, it also touches mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science. It deals with concepts like design, construction, operation and application of robots, and also involves the use of computer systems.

Useful tool to know them their interest for future employment: Robots is the future of study and work and it is crucial to make your kids learn about the basics of robotics.

Can built self-confidence and personality:  designing your own robot can boost their self-confident and self-esteem, they rethink and design their own mechanical systems which is going to help them in near future.


  1. Ishaan says:

    Good article usually parents don’t think about it specially in early stage of their child growing. This can do real good.

  2. Vasudha mahar says:

    good article, this is the best time for the kids to learn robotics

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