The Future of Jobs in a world of Robotics

Will robots take our jobs? Yes. Some

But our biggest challenge will not be unemployment due to an army of robots, but rather providing education to fill the ever-growing demand of trained professionals. Educational institutions need to start investing more in new methods of learning, developing a curriculum best suited for acquiring new-age skills.

The change that we are witnessing brings immense opportunity for growth and progress. AI and robotics are redefining productivity. Tasks which are repetitive (accountants, hotel receptionists, analysts, medical diagnostics) will get displaced and give way to more creative tasks.

No substitute for people :

Automation may replace some jobs but can rarely act as a substitute for people. Any industry that makes extensive use of AI, still cannot completely replace human interaction, human input and human judgment with the capability of an artificial machine. It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that while robots can be relied to make rational and logical decisions based on facts, they cannot imitate certain human aspects like judgment, sentiments, emotions, moods.
What we can expect, however, is a workforce that is a blend of both humans and robots.

If this revolution can serve to make our existence smarter and safer, we should not be reluctant to embrace it. It is time to let go of the fear of progress and charge into a more productive, collaborative and innovative future.

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