In today’s digital world, we believe that the ability to code is an important skill for kids to have for the future, especially when the world is becoming modern and digital. It is one such language that everyone should learn about it or have a basic knowledge of it because it improves analytical and logical thinking in a more creative and fun way. There are different online programming courses that your child can join and learn the basics of coding. But before we move further about the importance of coding skills, let’s first see the definition of coding.  

What is coding? 

 “It is a set of instructions that the system needs to follow to perform any task.” 

Here instructions are written in many languages like Hex Coding, C, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, .Net, etc. System is any machine of small to large size and task is any work we want a machine to perform.  

So basically, learning any programming skill is not just textbook knowledge that if you understand and you gain command over it. It is more like mathematics: the more you practice, the more you learn. So here are few reasons why your child should start learning to code: 

  • Coding develops creativity 

In programming, there is more than one way to solve a problem. Once your child understands the basics of coding, they can find their own solutions. They can examine or play around with someone else’s code and add their own tweaks to it to make it better. 

 Aerobotics Global online programming classes is more about creative learning. Even beginners are encouraged to take projects and make them their own by trying in their individual interests and hobbies. Recently, one of our students explored his creativity by making his own Ping-pong game. Coders at every level take ideas and turn them into something real and new, it is an extremely creative process. The process of learning to code teaches so much more than building apps and websites. Whether they plan on a long career in programming or they are only learning it for fun, trust us there are strong benefits that come from learning which will be helpful throughout their lifetime.  

  • Coding develops problem-solving skills 

 Learning to code helps kids to develop critical thinking skills as well as the ability to solve problems. They are able to make logical connections and once they gain those skills, they can analyse any situation and find an appropriate solution. This skill can help them in their life no matter which career they choose as it builds their confidence. They become aware that they are capable of finding solutions and achieving their goals. 

  • It helps in clear communication skills 

Logical communication is important when we communicate with people in personal or business settings; it allows us to convey our points accurately. Similarly, effective communication is also an important skill that anyone can have, and coding can help them to get that skill. When communicating with computers through coding, kids must first consider what needs to be expressed, brainstorm the clearest way to say it, and then execute it as computers can’t fill in any gaps – they need everything in an accurate way. Communicating through code doesn’t begin and end with the literal act of coding. As it is said by someone, “Coding is a universal language. It breaks barriers in cultures and allows people to interact with one another in a common area.” 

  • Coding is a new language  

 Classifying coding as a new language is an interesting approach to consider! Just as learning a foreign language helps kids to understand the grammar of their native tongue in a better way. Similarly, programming helps them to recognize and organize communication in a patterns way. In fact, one of the psychologists Janet Siegmund and her colleagues studied brain activity in programmers, and find out that programming had more to do with language than mathematics.

  • Looking for the Future 

Communication skills are a necessary part of life – and these skills are required in both work and in personal interactions. Learning how to code can be exciting. It could be an educational way for kids to develop their communication skills. From learning to improve verbal and written communication to gaining a better understanding of conversation structure. Parents and educators should always encourage students for learning programming languages. You are providing a way for them to gain not only technical skills but also life skills. Many believe that 65% of school students will end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet. Many of these jobs will involve technology. Students who are well-prepared with technical skills will stand the best chance of success. 

Teaching your child to code will now provide them with fluency in the systems of tomorrow. Even if they do not become developers, the skills they will learn will be useful in any career path on the planet.

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