Robots play a crucial role in today’s world. Many new companies are emerging in building high-power robots. Robotics is becoming a mandatory subject to be included in the schools. Just studying robotics can’t make one build a robot. It is the creativity and the curiosity which triggers one to build a robot. In the fast growing world , the need for new invention goes on increasing. This leads to the invention of new gadgets/robots .Robots are usually preferred to work in situations which is hard for humans to work under hazardous conditions.

The work of people are made easy with the help of robots. Japan is one of the leading producer and invention of robots. Gundam factory in Yokohama is presently building a 18 m tall Gundam robot weighing 25 tons. This is expected to be the largest humanoid robot ever. Explore the robotics inventions by regularly updating yourself the science news category.

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