The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way children learn. Over the last two months, the pandemic has resulted in a phenomenon disruption across schools, colleges and learning spaces globally; contributing to the growth of the e-learning system. This has come with its challenges for teachers and students alike along with the immense benefits to this new world of e-learning.

Every student has a different learning style and level of engagement in class. Often, many students hesitate while interacting with the teacher because of domineering students in the class. Online classes offer flexibility and the ability for students to drive the learning of a competency. The major focus is on skills, knowledge, and/or behaviour, tied with strategic objectives. Also, it’s the best platform where the kids can opt for personal classes.

ABG is one of the educational platforms for the kids with the option of personal online robotics and coding courses where expert trainers can engage your child and help them in learning robotics and coding.

In online robotics and coding programs, students attend online live and interactive sessions. Low student trainer ratio of 8:1 enables our trainers to provide individual feedback and help where required. With time we have developed methods and modules which keeps every child engaged and excited.


It is a perfect time where you can sit with your children and explore their mind and interest towards STEM, and with ABG’s unique programs it makes it even more fun and engaging. Let’s get coding!

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