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Robotics , an exciting and entertaining field needs to be made well-known among the younger generations. Our daily use of electronic gadgets like mobile, remote controls..all are simple robots. Robots are nothing but simple machines which are programmed to help human chores. For example in industries usually robots are employed in doing chores which needs to be done repetitively. In such situations human become tiresome rapidly, where the usage of robots become more efficient here.

Similarly in many hazardous areas like mining and in nuclear radiation , human cannot work. These are health hazards for human and hence robots are employed to work in such areas. Likewise in lifting heavy objects robots are more helpful and engaging. In research areas also robots play a vital role.

From early age itself it is best for the kids to learn robotics. When learned earlier they can prepare their own robot easier. Aeroboticsglobal conducts after-school and holiday program to enrich kids about robotics programming.

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