COVID-19 is a great nightmare which shook the entire world. The most devastating pandemic which spreads through the infected persons so easily requires the aid of robots. Even doctors and nurses are likely to be infected so easily, hence the requirement of robot rises here. In India, robot was bought to give medicines and food to the infected COVID-19 patients. The robot was given by the private firm to help the doctors and nurses maintain distances from the COVID-19 patients.


Robotics field is the fast growing one , hence plays a vital role in all the fields. Robotics is a vast area which finds the wide applications. Robotics can be learnt from childhood. Aeroboticsglobal is the most popular robotics academy in Melbourne, Australia. Build your kids future by joining hands with Aeroboticsglobal.


  1. Amita Walia says:

    Would the.classes starting June 1 be online and stay online post covid? Thanks Amita

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