Hello everyone,
My name is Zack and I am 7 years old and I doing robotics and coding course with Aerobotics Global.I have made this cool arcade this game using Arduino.

How does it work?

My rock-paper-scissor box has three different LED’s each representing rock, paper, and scissor. Each time I press a button in the middle, the process starts, all three LED’s flash 3 times while I choose one. The program randomly turns on one of the LED lights representing rock, paper, or scissors.
Yellow LED– Rock
Orange LED– Paper
Red LED- scissors

Rock- Paper-Scissor
Zack Paternoster

Here is how I made it.

Hardware required for Rock-Paper-Scissor Project

● Arduino Uno
● 3 LED’s
● Battery
● Jumper Cables
● Button
● Cardboard Box to contain everything inside it


I connected three of the LED’s to 3 different pins of Arduino UNO 9, 10 and 11 (yellow, orange and red) and button to pin 7. The ground pin of the LED’s are connected to the ground of the Arduino.

The Green LED represents if the device is ready to use.

Circuit Diagram


Flow – Each time I press the button, it changes the input on pin number 7, which in turn first turns off all LED’s and then flashes the 3 LED’s and turns on one of the random LED out of YELLOW, ORANGE and RED.


I hope you liked my project.
Zack Paternoster

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