The curiosity of making machines that reduce human effort has been a major focus in the field of science. Robots are now exactly what we imagined them to be in our science fiction movies and are slowly becoming a huge part of our lives. There have been interesting developments in the construction of these robots and a few of them which have attracted a lot of attention are mentioned below :

1. Aeolus Bot: is one of the first household robot helpers. Aeolus can perform a variety of tasks like cleaning, vacuum the floor, move the furniture, and also pick up items and place them in their proper storage place. It has the ability to carry a conversation and learn.

2. Sophia: is a social humanoid robot and has an extremely advanced AI. She is able to track and recognize faces, ask her own questions and hold natural conversations with humans. It can learn from experience and apply that to new situations just like humans.

3. Buddy: An “emotional robot” that has a range of expressions which it expresses naturally throughout the day based on its interactions. Buddy is like a personal assistant that watches over your home, entertains your kids, provides assistance to the elderly members and also interacts with other smart connected devices of the house.

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4. NAO: is an almost 2 feet tall robot that can control the motion of its limbs and the tone of its voice and sometimes also mimic facial expressions. This robot is being used successfully to help autistic children distinguish emotions and also help them socialize. To provide a better sense of interaction, NAO is given a personalized framework of each individual. This robot is bound to change many lives.

5. Honda’s 3E-D18: is Honda’s driver less ATV concept which is designed to follow the user around and provide support for various jobs like search and rescue, farming, carrying a heavy load, or just help folks get around.

6. Misty1: If learning about robots is your aim, then this is the perfect robot for you. It is designed for both beginner and advanced programmers and is the first affordable, easily programmable, personal robot.

7. Robomart: is looking to make grocery shopping more convenient. It is a self-driving car that can deliver groceries and food right at the doorstep without the need of a driver.

A lot of us fear that robots will one day take over the world. Though we are far away from that, robots are undoubtedly going to change our lives completely. The future is unexplored and it is we who have the power to decide how we want to move on and what we want to make for ourselves.

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