The coverage about the future of robotics has mostly been negative focusing mostly on how it could be a threat to human jobs and how robots might eventually take over and humans would become the subservient ones.

We will lose a significant percentage of jobs, but that does not mean that robots and automation are entirely bad. They hold a very important place in the modern industry. AI will eliminate many traditional jobs, but that’s not to say that humans will not adapt and create more creative, meaningful work.

Robots will transform, not replace, human work.

Contrary to the perception, the future is about people. The value of machines and technology is in the knowledge that we as humans embed in them and how we interact with them. However, we need a future-ready workforce, ready to embrace a data-driven world in partnership with robotics. The idea that technology will replace the need for creative thinking,  problem-solving,  teamwork, leadership is far-fetched. It is humans that can leverage technology, be in control and the technology provides what it is programmed to.

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We now live in a connected era where expert knowledge is delivered remotely to every person anywhere across the globe, giving them opportunities which would have been previously beyond their reach.

One of the industries that have been revolutionized by robotics and AI is medicine. Robots and AI tools can perform an accurate diagnosis and precise surgery. But that doesn’t mean that we have lost doctors to this. We are being provided with better healthcare options by leveraging these technologies.

Robots will make humans more productive. Workers will have to be adaptable and update their skill set to match the changing technology. The society as a whole has to be prepared to step into this era of industrial revolution

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