When you’re thinking about engineers or scientists building a new robotic creature, you probably visualize by calculating the numbers, pressing through spreadsheets and drafting components on a computer.

Robotics isn’t for only extraordinarily people. Children can also develop problem-solving skills and creativity by joining various kids program in robotics. As long as they learn and study, their interests in robotics will increase more and more. Usually, children don’t want to mess up with the complex and boring issues. They always looking for fun but they will not mind dealing with these problems since they will provide fun.

Unlike elders, children aren’t used to reading the manuals. Therefore, children use robotics kits to assemble robots. By using these kits, children can also use their creativity and imagination to perform more than one action. While learning important robotic skills by building exciting LEGO projects, kids enjoy a creative approach by making a dancing bird.

According to the educational experts, when education is united with play kids gain information better and understand more deeply in a precise manner. For example when kids create a race car then it opens the active and creative side of the brain instantly. Obviously then they ask the questions and also find the different ways to increase the strength of the car all.

Robotics has brought the math and science concepts into the real world. Children can understand the various concepts of math and science used in the robotics like the use of electricity in providing power to the robot, concept of force and tension used in the materials of a robot. The skills include creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration are used to develop numerous STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills. Moreover, Robotics is now a part of the curriculum of many schools. So, they have started launching school holiday camps in order to make kids learn robotics.

Advanced Robotic programs enable children to make their own programs for their robots. Robotic kits offer a lot of coding courses which helps the kids to create different games on the computer. This will help to develop complex games, as the games become more complicated, more skills will develop in the kids.

For grades, 7th and 8th students use the LEGO software. This software is the advanced version of Lego Software. Students participate in the various challenges that require innovative, creative and critical thinking. Students utilize the sensors and motors to follow a career path in a certain amount of time. To complete the tasks, students need to collaborate, design and write a program to instruct their robot. Each task enhances the use of STEM literacy.

Moreover, this experience enables them to think critically and develop problem-solving skills for the creative solution of the tasks. The above all examples shows that kids programs in robotics develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and logical thinking.

For a better future, parents and educators both have to take responsibility to prepare them and in order to learn robotics parents have to take initiative to make their kids join Kids Program in robotics from Grade 1 onward launched by Aerobotics Global.

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