High school is a pivotal time in a student life. Your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) grades as well as your ATAR scores, determine what college you will get in and whether you will qualify for a scholarship or coveted program. Thus, students need all the encouragement and help they can get in order to improve their grades.

Here are some ways in which learning robotics can help improve a student’s VCE grades:

1. It is Fun

Students need a little bit of a break from all the studying and what better recreational activity to partake in than learning robotics! There are robotic kits for high school students available in the market thus if your child is a STEM student, we recommend you get them a robotics kit so they can learn robotics. Having a fun side activity that is also constructive can relax a student as well as help them learn something at the same time.

2. Encourages Critical Thinking

When you get robotic kits for high school students and encourage them to immerse themselves into learning robotics as a hobby, this will increase their critical thinking skills. When designing a circuit one needs to indulge in complex thought or when answering questions about making robots; the ethical concerns and what not, the STEM student will be exercising their mind and thinking. Critical thinking is a skill which students need in order to score well in both their ATAR and VCE.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Learning robotics will be filled with new information for the students even if they have been studying STEM subjects. Since it is a practical learning experience, this will open up new avenues for the students. If the student is fairly new at a subject they will encounter many problems. To overcome those problems, the students will have to think up of solutions. This will enhance and exercise their problem-solving skills. Problem solving skills are something which are required in every subject but are especially helpful to score well in your ATAR.

4. Better Understanding of Concepts

The best way to teach a student is to give them a practical demonstration of the concept in question being taught. With robotic kits for high school students, they are not just reading the concept behind designing and building a circuit but can practically implement these to see if they have gotten a hang of it. Learning robotics also includes some information the students already have from their VCE courses if they take STEM subjects. But with the practical work that they do in learning robotics will further solidify the concepts they have learned in their other VCE classes hence helping them to score better.

Teaching students coding for robotics is a great idea not only because it helps them score better on their VCE results but also because robotics are the future and equipping students with necessary skills helps make them even more indispensable for their future at a great STEM program at a good university.

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