Schools in Australia and most of the developed world are beginning to realize importance of a well-backed education in science, technology, engineering, and math. Taking the help of after-school programs and teacher training courses, more children than before are introduced to basic STEM concepts. Yet is this enough to encourage children to opt for stem related education and careers later in life?

Children are different from one another – what works for one wouldn’t for another child! Similarly, only a few are encouraged to take STEM related education and turn this into lucrative careers.

Additionally STEM classes for kids and School Holiday Activities isn’t enough to instill lifelong interest in these subjects at school.

However there is a lot parents can do when it comes to increasing interest of their children in STEM subjects. The following are just some ways how:

Make STEM Concepts Interesting and Hands-on

There is a way to go about when introducing STEM concepts in daily life. The most important thing is to incorporate fun while learning STEM skills which ensure child engagement.

Also keep in mind your child’s unique capabilities and strengths – for example some children will be more comfortable doing DIY science related experiments while others want to explore their backyard and ask questions.

Whatever you do, remember not to make it into a lesson. Instead focus on hands-on experience! You can:

Take a Trip to a Zoo or Museum

Taking your children to a zoo or museum will free up their thought processes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a science museum as you can get the same from history and art museums as well. Some children’s museums also have STEM exhibits that can be used for your purpose.

Watch Science and Technology Shows

Nothing opens minds better than science and technology shows. The best ones makes you ask important questions that start with ‘How, What, and Why’ while satisfying curiosity in a fun and engaging manner.

The best science and technology shows are Bill Nye, the Science Guy (on Netflix) and Mythbusters.

Go On a Nature Hike Together

A young child’s mind is already open to creativity and imagination, something which is more enhanced by the natural world. Inspire creativity and offer endless opportunities for active play by going exploring!

Do you walk daily to your child’s school bus route to pick or drop? This is an excellent opportunity to turn the walk into a nature trail. Take a magnifying glass along to magnify plant and insect specimens. Collect flowers and press them together at home.

You can also talk about basic biology, about lifecycle of different animals and insects. There are so many topics of discussion that can be covered by a single nature hike to your garden.

A lot of STEM skills and concepts can be learnt in the kitchen as well. Baking yummy brownies would require measuring, evaluating cooking temperature and changes happening during the process.

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