Coding is the ‘It’ skill to learn right now, a trend companies quickly jumped on. Learning how-to code does have a lot of benefits aside from the obvious yet coding skills can help your child standout in non-coding career opportunities as well!

Digital skills are job skills. Learning how-to code will give your children an edge over the competition even before setting out in the real world! However finding the right coding class or course is important especially if you want your child to actually like learning how-to code and program.

Coding – Not As Easy As People Think But Not As Difficult As Well

Parents wanting their children to develop interest in coding make it sound like learning how-to code is the easiest, which in fact isn’t the case. Let alone children, telling adult students just beginning to grasp coding basics the same thing is detrimental.

Not enough research is done when looking for an appropriate coding class or course, resulting in parents signing up their children in unsuitable coding classes.  Consider the following questions when looking for the right coding class for your children:

Is The Learning Fun Or a Chore?

A child’s mind is already open to new concepts which make it easier for them to pick up coding basics. They like technology, love video games and hands-on learning, and are always asking the tough questions.

All of this combines to make the ideal setting for learning how-to code, making children love the activity! However some coding classes especially those in the beginner level rely heavily on written instructions rather than hands-on. Remember, children grasp difficult concepts better and more quickly when taught in an engaging manner.

Does The Coding Class Offer Good Value?

Enrolling your children in an after-school program that gives basic programming classes will probably be the best investment you’ll make. How?

Most jobs today rely on technology, besides the amazing skills that can be picked up from a class of coding basics. There are some additional skills that a good coding class teaches. Your child will improve his problem solving skills and boost confidence.

Aerobotics Global realizes importance of providing the right class for children interested in coding and robotics. Our 3 after school programs are tailored to attract children from grade 1 and onwards, matching difficulty level and child engagement accordingly.

Find the right after school programs according to your child’s grade with us, today!

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