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More than 7 million Australians are at risk of having their jobs either automated out of existence or augmented by robots and artificial intelligence in the next 15 years, data modeling commissioned by the Australian Computer Society has found. At the same time, technology advancement will create many new job opportunities. Therefore, we are entering a period of rapid transition. As the most popular Robotics Academy Melbourne, ABGs’ attempt is to fill the knowledge gap in digital literacy of future generations. That being so, this article discuss about the Aerobotics Global institute and its need in present society. 

What is Robotics ? 

Lately in news, have you seen Sophia the robot who does small talk with humans? Else have you ever met, Junco Chihiro the robot works full-time in a tourist information center in Tokyo? As a matter of course, in todays’ millennial world we encounter amazing things related to robots.   

Robotics is an interdisciplinary subject of computer science and engineering and it influences every aspect of human life. Robotics is majorly used to assist humans in work or replace simple and repetitive human tasks. Industrial robots are helping to increase productivity, and safety. Robots can deliver incredibly accurate, consistent, and quality work without needing breaks.  

On the other hand, robots are performing tasks in hazardous environments for humans such as inspection of radioactive materials, bomb detection and deactivation.  

Moreover, in medical field robots can reach and fit where human hands cannot, allowing greater accuracy. Therefore, robotics will be an inevitable element and they will continue to rise as technology continues to advance. 

Why Children should learn Robotics? 

Robotics at early childhood

It is presumed that in future, many fields will be taken over by robotics and our lives will be significantly impacted by robots and automation. Wise man once said that “the next generation is smarter than the preceding generation,” So learning Robotics will make children ready for the future world of technology, whether or not they chose a career in Robotics & Coding.

Robotics falls under that STEM umbrella

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM education is universally accepted by modern parents, all over the world. 

Robotics is a fun and engaging way to learn programming for children

Programming helps to teach digital literacy to children. Creating a robot takes a static process of programming code. In the end, your child will see the results of all their hard work moving right in front of them. It feels more tangible, more entertaining, and more rewarding.  

Eventually, if your child looks forward to learning programming or robotics-related field for studies, early learning of robotics will develop a skill for a future career at an early age. Even if your child never takes robotics or engineering, and they find that they prefer more artistic, sporty, or humanitarian subjects, still giving them a foundation in a programming language will boost their confidence in any future career. As a parent, it is important to provide variety of skills and exposure for children to fit in the competitive future world of technology 

Aerobotics global 


Robotics Holiday Program in Melbourne

Aerobotics Global (ABG) is a robotics education and learning centre in Melbourne which provides structured robotics and programming courses for children. With an aim to lead the way in coding for robotics education, ABG deliver the highest quality learning experience. 
ABG offers a wide range of robotics courses and education programs, including summer courses, workshops, after school programs, holiday programs in Melbourne. Programs are catered based on age and best suited for kids from age 7 and above.  

All the courses have been precisely designed to boost imaginative and innovative thinking in kids while delivering a broad understanding in robotics and coding. The kits and course content of the programs are specially curated by ABG Engineers in the in-house labs keeping the students’ intrigued throughout the course. ABG is using Open-source components and programming languages to provide endless opportunities for students to customise their robots. 

ABG, level one program focuses on the fundamentals of robotics and coding where children will start learning from circuits, sensors, and coding all the way to a fully functional robot. After completing the first level, there are several progressive levels in ABG curriculum if the student wish to learn more. 

Mentioned below are some of the interesting programs structured in our curriculum to learn further in programming while completing each of the following robots as they learn. 

Through the courses students will get to learn basics of C++, Java and python programming languages, in fun and engaging way. 

Do you want to learn more about ABG programs? 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the courses offered.  Particularly, there are two types of programs namely,After school program’ and ‘Holiday program’

Both are available in person and online. 

In-Person programs 

after school program 

While every school wants to bring in robotics and coding for their students, many face challenges with resources, robotic kits, and other technical challenges. This is where ABG plays a key role and delivering the courses, the robotic kits, and educators.

ABG is partnering with several schools in Victoria and conduct Robotics and coding programs after school hours. Each term students build something new which is in continuation to their previous program. ABG curriculum comprises with several progressive levels. So the child can learn about robotics consecutively 3 years if they wish to learn continuously.  

If parents or teachers are interested in partnering with ABG please contact. Small or big, ABG can set up robotics and coding course in your school. Courses can be embedded into the school curriculum, extracurricular activities, after school program or holiday program. In addition ABG can also offer PD & Coaching, Instructions, or anything to fit your needs in robotics and coding. 

Holiday programs 

In every school holiday ABG arrange extremely exciting and engaging robotics and coding programs for Children. These holiday camps held in centre of Melbourne for 2 days and dates and venues are published on ABG website.

Online Programs 

ABG offers online programs for Holidays and After-School. These programs conducts via live sessions with a teacher and maintains 1:8 teacher to student ratio to give individual attention to students. Yet, parents will not be left alone. Since ABG provides individual student report to the parent regarding the progress of their child. 

Aerobotics Global staff 

ABG trainers are well certified, knowledgeable and passionate educators. They ensures that students receive hands-on, holistic learning experience. In addition ABG Engineers  are constantly reviewing and updating courses and kits offering to confirm that ABG bring you the latest technologies and knowledge. 

Learning materials are aligned to Victorian Curriculum and activities are based on STEM concepts. ABG learnings encourages students to practice real coding for robotics. Hence maintaining a superior educational standards, ABG prepare future world leaders. 

 Why ABG 

  • Students can build and code their robots from start to finish and they can to keep it 
  • ABG exclusively design and manufacture DIY components so the quality is guaranteed 
  • ABG provides innovative teaching approach which leads to enhancing problem-solving skills. 
  • Students get the opportunity to take-part in various technology competitions across Australia. ABG notify student about the STEM or Robotics competitions and offer the necessary educational support.
  • ABG offers a Certification after students complete the course

Do not take it from us, here is what parents say, 


My two boys loved the program offered by ABG. The facilitator is extremely engaging making the learning process fun. Will definitely sign them up for the next level.”

Parent -Andrew Lio

“It’s such an innovative course for the kids and I am glad that my child is learning about coding with such level of enthusiasm and interest.  Couldn’t be any happier with ABG.”

Parent – Kim Lee

“My son loved his first level of coding and robotics.  He’ engaged with every lesson and  made and programmed his own robot to keep. I have just booked him for level 2. Thank you for teaching our daughter such valuable skills.”

Parent- Kylie Christie 


Needless to say robotics will be an unavoidable factor in future world and will continue to rise as technology continues to advance. Given the circumstances learning Robotics will make children ready for the future world of technology, whether or not they chose a career in Robotics & Coding.  Furthermore, digital literacy is becoming crucial. For instant, Python (programming language) overtakes French as the most popular language taught in primary schools. Hence, robotics is a fun and engaging way to learn programming for children. Yet, schools or parents face challenges when finding resources to teach this sort of technical subjects to their children. That being said, Aerobotics Global  come up with the solutions , delivering the courses, the robotic kits, and educators. Maintaining a superior educational standards, ABG prepare future world leaders. 

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