The applications of Robots are growing more than ever and robots are helping us in each and every industry. At present, robots are performing the medical operations, working as hotel staff, can defuse bombs, does household chores, can entertain us as games and do many more tasks.

Such large scale use of robots benefited the production head straight away as they can successfully reduce the human labor force with them.

Few Facts About Robotics which are Amusing to Know :

1. The first ever robot was developed a flying-bird which he manufactured back in around 400 BC. Archytas was a renowned Greek scientist of ancient times who contributed to the research and development of mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy. Moreover, the flying-bird he invented has a wooden body and uses steam energy for flying.

Flying Bird - Invented By Archytas

2. Back in 1921, Karel Capek introduces the word robot and uses it in his play named Rossum’s Universal Robots. The robots in this play showcase human-like creature manufactured with a chemical composition which has work efficiency of two and a half men.

3. The world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci surprisingly was also an inventor who designed a mechanical knight who was humanoid structure. Its entire body has armor covering with a sword in one of his hand, and its purpose was to serve in the defense.

Armor Covering Robot- Leonardo da Vinci

4. In 1937 the earliest industrial robot got manufactured, and it was “Bill” Griffith P. Taylor automatic crane. The crane’s body made entirely from Meccano parts with a single electric motor powering its motions. Its function was to create a pile of wooden blocks in a predefined way.

5. Joseph F. Engelberger is the father of robotics technology. He along with George C. Devol founded the first robot company in 1956. The company name was Unimation the first industrial robot manufactured by it was the Unimate 01 in 1961. It works in the factory and perform spot welding and die casting handling.

Father of Robotics - Joseph F. Engelberger

6. The robotic automation in the manufacturing industries is speeding up. The countries having the highest number of robots in the manufacturing industry comprise of South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Denmark.

7. The Robotics in healthcare Industry is increasing through Innovation. The Arthrobot was the first robot to assist in surgery, and the operation was of orthopedic. Moreover, the surgery takes place at UBC Hospital situated in Vancouver on March 12th, 1984. Also, ROBODOC was the first surgical robot which got approval from the FDA.

Arthrobot - The first robot to assist in surgery

8. The US military employs robot on a large scale for surveillance and dropping missile. Around four thousand robots are present in US military which assist them in a different mission. SWORDS was the first ever ground robot loaded with a light machine gun and helped the US army mission in Iraq.

9. Japan is the largest manufacturer of robots in the world with more than fifty percent of the world’s robot manufactured in Japan. They have a lot of robots working in their hotels as staff. Also, some factories run entirely by robots, and they make other robots. Moreover, kids are taught about how to make a robotic arm in Holiday Programs.

Robots working in industries was a fantasy fifty years back which turned into reality in today’s era. As time advances, one can expect tremendous development in artificial intelligence and robots performing more crucial tasks.

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