10 unique after school programs that your child would love to join

After coming back from school, students usually spend hours watching television, using social media or playing computer games. These activities are quite indulging and do not have any productivity but only kills their time. So, to make the most of this time, they should enrol themselves in useful after-school activities where they can learn and enjoy themselves together. Here are a few after school programs that your kids would love to join.

1. Robotics

It is a combination of technology and creativity. It is an exclusive part of STEM which serves a multilateral purpose. Watching a robot functioning and performing tasks amuses young students and they want to operate it.

The robotics program helps them in designing and programming the robot. It teaches the basics of it to younger kids and goes to advanced level for grown-up school kids. Robotics imparts soft skills that include team building, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. It also prepares them well in-before if in future they want to build a career in robotics technology.

Anyone can learn robotics who has some interest in science and technology. Different robotics programs for school kids are available for different age-group of students.

2. Sports

Usually, student loves playing sports more than studying and, it is also a common choice of many parents to make them join it as the after-school program. Playing sports is advantageous especially if it is an outdoor sport since it helps in both physical and mental development.

Sports like football, baseball, basketball helps them in learning teamwork and teaches them to remain committed to their team. It also imparts their goal achieving skills, develops their focus and decision-making ability.

3. Music

Everyone enjoys listening to beautiful music but, if someone wants to create music tunes in the future, they should start learning music early. Music helps in channelizing the emotional energy along with making someone more calm and stable.

Music learning institute is present all-around the places where music teachers train their students in singing usually classic or playing any musical instrument like: piano, drum-set,  flute, Xylophone etc. Moreover, students of all ages can join music learning centres and learn this form of art.

4. Dance as after school program

For those who feel like dancing only by seeing someone else, dance performance shows that they are quite fond of it. Whosoever falls under this category should enrol themselves in learning dance forms.

The young school kids mostly learn ballet or hip-hop dancing while the grown-up kids have more dance forms to explore. Dance is a great exercise that involves whole body muscles and, it brings coordination abilities and teamwork within the person.

5. Martial arts

Martial arts training is quite useful in the practical world as one can use it for self-defence. It includes karate, Aikido, Kung fu, Judo and many more which one can learn in a step by step manner. After successfully passing all the stages one can even teach other martial arts.

Martial arts training increases body flexibility and strengthens muscles apart from maintaining their shape. Another benefit of learning martial arts is it boosts mental awareness and alertness.

6. Cooking 

For kids who are food lovers and find the utmost pleasure while eating different dishes, there is no harm in learning cooking. Developing culinary skills within a kid boost their awareness about different food and nutritional value associated with it. Their joy of having good food expands towards cooking them also.

Learning cooking courses in after-school activities will be useful to those who want to become a chef. Even if they don’t become a Master Chef, they can certainly help their mothers at home and also become self-dependent.

7. Gardening

Cultivating new plant breeds is quite satisfying. Children tend to love being surrounded by green flowery plants and therefore learning gardening can be a good idea. Further, children of a quite young age can enrol in gardening.

It offers them the elementary way to explore nature where they can notice the little changes taking place within the plants. Gardening courses make them understand the importance of the environment in the survival of different animals and encourages them to promote it.

8. Painting

Another form of art where kids can use their creative imagination and sketches it out on the white sheet. Paintings have always been an important part of different human cultures and traditions. For that matter, a historical painting helps the generation to visualize how was that era.

Through painting, a child can express their emotion using colours better than they do with words. It helps in their emotional well-being, instil hand-eye coordination skills and overall mental development.

9. Acting

It is common to see children mimicking their favourite character of any movie. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea but if a child wants then, they can be a future actor. Enrolling on after-school drama classes can be the first step toward accomplishing their dream.

Drama classes remove stage fear which persists within the kids as they perform in front of so many people. Along with it, learning drama improves their ability to speak in public, make them confident person and promote their social interaction.

10. Foreign Languages as after school program

Learning a foreign language is fun and also quite useful. The knowledge of foreign languages helps a child in understanding others cultures and traditions. They can become familiar with the causes or concerns of different nationalities and receive their perspective on a deeper level. Also, they can communicate on different matters with people of other nationalities.

Children of a young age can learn foreign languages more quickly compared to a grown-up person. It improves their attention span and boosts the production of grey matter in the brain. Moreover, knowledge of foreign language also benefits them in their career and they can migrate to other nation as well.


Undoubtedly, after-school program has multiple benefits which are why one must look forward to enrolling them instead of staying at home. With exposure to new things, one can experience improvement and interest in their academics as well. These activities promise improvement in the overall personality, magnifies confidence and give them a direction in their life.

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