Robotics has a promising future and will be an excellent career for kids. The field should be fine for employment due to a variety of reasons. Because it will be the dominant industry of the future, there will be thousands of technicians, designers and developers required to build and install robots around the world.

Why is Robotics an Excellent Career Choice?

Robotics requires a combination of skills in engineering, electrical engineering and computer science as well as computer programming classes. Even if you are not directly involved in robotics, you can certainly find a job with one of these skills.

The demand for automation and robotics is limited only by their creativity. Technological progress means higher productivity and will always be in demand.

Career Paths in Robotics

1. Robotics Engineer

An engineer is responsible for developing the design of the robot on paper. This development may take some time due to research.

2. Software Engineer

Each robot must have an internal computer-assisted system that allows the machine to function efficiently. This software design is written, and the code is developed by the software engineer.

3. Technician

A robot technician can repair and maintain robots, build some of their parts and perform other tasks.

4. Robot Operator

Of course, each robot must be operated and monitored by one person throughout the day. If something goes wrong, someone must deal with the situation immediately.

Why will the Field of Robotics Stand Out?

The upward movement of robotics manufacturers has evolved in recent years through Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This means that not only has there been a decrease in the price of robotic equipment, but sensors. On top of that sensors are much easier to find. Since these advanced devices need a lot of help to set up and maintain there is a huge need for manpower.

Communication costs have been reduced. Now it is much easier to set up small networks in a building, and the cost of mobile communication is decreasing. This will help enormously with the Internet of Things, which offers even more opportunities for big data.

Batteries, like solar cells, have become better and cheaper. Not only is it easier to provide and maintain power in remote locations, but each device lasts longer and has more functions (as we have seen in the case of smartphones).

More profitable sensors and greater computing power open up new applications, such as autonomous cars and automatically piloted aircraft. There are considerable opportunities to increase and replace human control and decision making, especially when it comes to safety and life. Until we work for only three hours a week, there is room for improvements and automation.


The need for automation is enormous, and it often competes with human work. The transition to automation has been going on for years (for example, robots in automobile factories), but with decreasing hardware prices and increased hardware complexity and programming capabilities, this offers more possibilities. And since robotics will improve people’s productivity, the additional energy it provides will snowball into all areas of human life much as the computer revolution has done in the past four decades.

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