Ever wonder if computer coding could help your children? You can stop wondering now. Simply put, coding is the language of the future. Children, regardless of their age, must learn coding. So, whether your child is 5 or 19, they are never too young to be introduced to coding.

Here a brief guide coding and how it benefits children:

Coding 101

Computer programming courses comprises a series of steps, including creating algorithms and implementing them. Coding refers to the implementation of algorithms by a programmer. Therefore, coding creates apps, software, websites, browser and much more.

Why teach kids coding

Other than the fact that coding is the most important job skill of the future, here are some main benefits of teaching coding to kids:

It builds their creativity

Teaching children to code is a great way to explore their creativity. They can use their imagination to create something from scratch. Nowadays, everyone can learn to code, be it an accountant or an artist. It is not just for future software developers.

No matter what your child’s interest is, coding can help them express their creativity. Needless to say, learning a new skill can increase your child’s confidence.

It increases their problem-solving skills

Coding is not just a computer-related activity. It is the way of life. Learning different coding techniques improves a child’s analytical and critical thinking skills.

They use their intellectual abilities to find solutions to the problems they encounter. Therefore, it is safe to say that coding is an effective problem solving tool. Problem solving is a fundamental skill not just in computer science, but in every single aspect of life.

It makes them a better team player

Coding is all about communication and collaboration. An entire team is behind the development of computer software and apps. Computer programmers work with designers, engineers and other from multiple disciplines.

Learning coding techniques will provide your child to interact with other children and improve their communication skills.

Coding can be a fun and empowering activity for children. There is no right age for them to learn it. It is always better to start when they are young because their minds can pick up new skills quicker.

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