Technology is slowly transforming the teaching and learning process. Robotics, in particular, has been playing a crucial role in the education sector. Yet, despite its significance, many schools are still not teaching robotics education. Recently, Queensland government announced plans to make coding and robotics compulsory in schools. Should the other schools follow suit?

Robotics education 101

Robotics education is a core component of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. It is the 21st century education that prepares young students for tomorrow.

Students apply their analytical and creative skills to resolve complex robot-related problems. From coding to programming, they learn various aspects of robot design and development.

Why should robotics be taught in schools?

Robotics education can enhance the skills of students. Here are some reasons to teach coding for robotics in schools:

It is fun and engaging

When kids hear the term ‘STEM,’ many of them tend to get overwhelmed. STEM education is crucial for creating innovative technology that can overcome the challenges we face today. But, many children do not opt for it due to fear of failing.

Robotics adds fun and excitement to STEM education. It is a great way to introduce young kids to complex subjects, such as coding, programming and more. They also get an understanding of STEM through robotics.

It can improve students’ personal skills

Robotics education can improve a student’s analytical, critical, creative and problem solving skills. It offers them the chance to analyse and solve complex, strategic problems related to the design and development of a robot.

Be it robot design or testing, robotics education entails comprehensive research, understanding, and questioning. It challenges students to push their technical, analytical and creative abilities to solve problems.

Students also learn the art of decision making through robotics, which improves their chances of becoming an effective leader.

Furthermore, robotics education is about teamwork. Students work in groups to develop robots, which improves their communication and social skills.

It can help with future employment

Robots could replace 40% of Australian jobs by 2025.

There is no doubt that robotics can help students get better jobs in the future. Robotics industry is growing rapidly. From robotics engineer to operator, there are many options to choose from.

Studying robotics can help students determine if they have interest or aptitude in the robotics industry.

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