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Edge detector Robot – Robot that can move on the table and is able to detect the edges and preventing itself to fall of the table. This concept is also used in space programs and moons to detect the craters and big holes on the surface and saving robot to fall into the craters or holes.

Improvised version and better algorithms using IR sensors can be used to paint surface areas autonomously.

How can we achieve this –

IR sensors can be used to detect the edges of the table. Sensor facing downwards can differentiate if sensors are on the table or running out of the table. As soon as the sensor changes the state the motors can be manipulated to change the direction of the robot.

Useful Hints –  Use Ice cream Pop sticks to extend the IR sensors away from the robot to provide more response time for Arduino and motors.

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  1. Zarif says:

    Will I need any new parts for my Chasses?u

  2. Sharad says:

    Everything has been included in the iRobotics kits for this project

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