How AI helps during COVID-19

AI has helped us a lot but the pandemic caused by COVID-19  is the first global public health crisis of the 21st century. The global economy has been pushed into recession, means the economy started shrinking and has stopped growing. “This year it’s the most important disruption period of our time. It has prompted nation and organisations to adopt a digital system in a way to survive, scale, and succeed.”

According to the World Economic Forum, supporting enterprises and larger businesses are facing challenges for maintaining employment and financial stability. 

Artificial intelligence can help during COVID-19 via three applied fields.

  1. Virus Research
  2. Development of drugs and vaccines
  3. Data analysis of recoveries, deaths and active cases

AI is a technology which helps with proper screening and tracking. AI helps during covid-19. It also predict the current and future patients who are fighting with the COVID-19. Somehow it is reducing the workload of the doctors and nurses. On the other hand it is also helping scientists in developing drugs and vaccines.

With the help of AI we are able to analyze the data of COVID patients so that recoveries, death and active cases can easily be tracked. Without the AI software it would have taken weeks longer for the world to become aware of this highly infectious virus. It understands the travel patterns and people’s movements, and give early researchers the ability to know how fast it would spread. 

The below diagram shows the general procedure of AI and non-AI based applications to identify the COVID-19 symptoms.

AI helps during COVID-19

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is an upcoming and useful tool which can  identify COVID patients and monitor their conditions. It’s not only helpful in the treatment of COVID patients but also for their proper health monitoring. It is developing proper treatment of regimens, prevention strategies, drug and vaccine.

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