STEM related occupations are growing in the world. This means more young adults are choosing STEM education and related subjects as compared to previous generations.

Standing for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Australia’s economy’s stability and growth depends on understanding of concepts and STEM learning.

Why is STEM education important? Quite simply – incorporation of STEM related concepts (ideally from a young age) enhances critical thinking and boosts science literacy. STEM education outfits the next generation of innovators, researchers and thinkers.   

Despite its known importance, there are a lot of myths that envelop STEM learning and education… which give way to gross misconceptions.

Myth #1: Engineering Is All About Gadgets, Circuitry and Hardware

Not really. Even basics of engineering teach students lots of different concepts and things, far removed from gadgetry and circuitry. In fact, some of the highest growth and most of today’s engineering topics don’t even cover these concepts!

Basic engineering concepts taught today lean more towards how a certain invention can improve an aspect of living, issues faced daily in society that can be fixed with an app or gadget are discuss and solutions given.

Myth #2: The World Already Has Too Many Scientists

Firstly, the world cannot have ‘too many’ scientists. This is a party where the more scientists and researchers, the better the world will become!

Secondly, very few students who choose STEM education and subjects actually grow up to become scientists and researchers. Study in STEM subjects provides valuable skills to students that can be used later in life, even working for more regular and non-technical careers and jobs.

Education in STEM merely gives students the tools to survive and do better in today’s highly competitive world.

Interesting Facts about STEM Education

Higher Vacancies

At present, the total number of unfilled STEM related vacancies are higher not only in Australia but the world as well. There aren’t many qualified candidates that can take up these jobs.

Taking the Way Forward

It’s said art and music are food for the soul. STEM education is food for the mind but the heart can also take advantage of this field of study. Employees working in STEM related jobs, scientists and researchers are charged with a very important job… of taking their community and the whole nation forward.

A lot of good can be done for generations to come with just a step taken in the right direction. Enrol your children in Aerobotics Global after school program and see them prosper into their careers.

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