Young adults are now advised to learn computer programming basics from a young age, seeing how rapidly the world is becoming digitized.

Yet what age should children be taught the basics of computer programming? Keeping in mind children of two to three years are just getting used to potty training – let alone able to master HTML and Javascript.

Its common knowledge that children aged 7 and under have the ability to pick up foreign languages rapidly. It goes on to say, the same can be said true of the computer vernacular.

Young Kids and Their Penchant for Higher Learning

Executives and policy-makers in Australia and the rest of the world all agree that children should be taught how to code and learn programming courses in different languages. But when is the right time to teach your children coding and programming basics?

The answer… it depends on the child.

Children have a curious and imaginative mind with the ability to pick up STEM concepts taking help from nature and robotics learning. Some say it’s the same if these concepts are learnt with the help of mobile applications and programs.

Yet researchers frown upon giving children as young as two iPads and smartphones to keep their minds preoccupied. Parents worry ‘How can this be substituted?’

By learning to program.

Learning Programming – Opens Pathways for Lucrative Careers

People think coding or programming is a highly technical activity, something that is usually pursued by a select minority. It’s also believed that only people good at STEM subjects usually do well with programming.

In reality, benefits and importance of coding are just being realized. It’s a useful skill that can be used in everyday life especially in today’s digital world.

Learning how to code is easier especially when you are young. It’s the same as learning how to ride a bike! It’s a skill that remains with you forever. The best age to begin programming learning can be as young as 4 years. This is the best age to teach your child the basic concepts of computing.

Today learning how to code is becoming easier, more engaging and fun! Not only are there new types of software and updated instructional methods being used but also online resources.

There are also numerous after-school programs that teach children studying in grade 2 and onwards basics of computer programming and robotics. Such a hand-on experience helps get these concepts in children’s young minds far quickly.

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Robotics & Coding Program for my child

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