China’s robotic market is undoubtedly booming. It is home to the world’s largest industrial robot base as it is buying
and building robots faster than any other nation. According to the International Federation of Robotics,
China has had the most industrial robots in operation since 2016. It is on its way to becoming the robotics powerhouse.

China to add AI courses in primary education:

According to a report, China will promote AI education in primary and middle schools and also set up courses for the same in universities as well.
In nursery schools across China, Keeko models (AI Robots) are being brought in as teaching aids to stimulate young curious minds. Information is uploaded in the memory drives of these robots, who are programmed to then interact with kids. China has rolled out this model in nurseries across the country and with input provided by the teachers who know exactly what the kids need, these robots are being made smarter.

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Government initiatives :

The Chinese government has ambitious plans for its robotics industry. The Make in China 2025 lists the robotics industry as one of the priority sectors for development. The government has also launched a  Robotics Industry Development Plan to promote robotic applications and to attract foreign investment.

China’s disadvantage in automation is product inferiority as compared to other nations. Its products are not advanced enough to be exported to the global market. However, there is no slowing down their innovation anytime soon.

AI is bound to bring changes in the already existing industries and also in the upcoming ones. The education of the future generations should follow the trend and prepare kids for the competition that lies ahead of them.

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